Nightingale Home Health..anyone?


I am looking for a PRN position and have an opportunity to interview with Nightingale Nurses (in Georgia)..anyone know about this company? I looked at them online, they have a lot of offices and cover a lot of territory. The position will be PRN for skilled visits but it sounds like a lot of it will be supervisory assuming it will be the same pay which I was told will be around $27 - I don't know if this is an hour or a visit - am thinking a mileage. Nothing was said about call and I don't think as a PRN that would be expected..I mostly want to know if anyone knows about this company.


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I have a friend that worked for Nightingales in Arizona and he likes it. Says it is a good company, but he works PRN and was told he had to start doing call. Not sure if that is office to office or just standard for the company.


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I too worked for them as a PRN in Minnesota - and I had to do oncall as part of the position (in fact, 2 weeks after starting I was on call). The company itself was good, but at the time I worked for them they did not have enough hours to keep me busy (only did 1-2 visits per week). They did reimburse for mileage and they pay rate was a per visit rate.


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That's what I'm afraid of...not enough work...she said I would do skilled visits but mostly supervisory ones but it's good to know the company sounds ok..