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I've worked nights for far longer than I've had kids, so they know nothing else. I asked my 11 yo son if he had returned his Sunday School teacher's phone call yet, and his very concerned reply was, "It's only 9:30 in the morning! Isn't that too early to call anyone?":chuckle



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My family is going to love this story..My eleven year old son is used to coming home to seeing mom just waking up drinking her first cup of coffee, and soo are his friends...:p :D


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When the boy across the street inquired to my 5 yr old son if he could come over and play tomorrow around 10am, my son politelysaid "oh you better not, mom says that's the "buttcrack of dawn" and she won't be awake yet". I fell over where did my husband put my Depends?

:roll @ buttcrack of dawn! LMAO! i feel the EXACT same way! :roll


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I've been working overnights, 9pm - 8am, for 2 years now. Its a whole different world and I love it. Luckily, I have several friedns who also work overnights. We think nothing of calling just to chat at 3am. Or getting together for a beer after work, 9am! I am fortunate that I am single so working overnights doesn't cause hassles with others. And I have a sympathetic apartment manager - she makes the lawn guys start near my apartment so they'll be done by the time I get home and want to sleep. She also won't let matinenance personnel come by except on my off days.

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