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Our hospital is very short staffed at night in SICU where I work. I recently switched to days. I heard of a local hospital offering a bonus for RN's on days to work one month of nights. Has anyone heard of this and if so do you know what kind of bonus was offered. We approached our manager about it and it would be nice to have some figures if other hospitals were doing the same thing.

I start CRNA school this august, so I can use every penny I can save between now and then.



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Our hospital paid a $10/hr premium for those assignments. It had to be a posted assignment of at least 2 weeks duration and had to be bid according to seniority. It could be extended by mutual agreement of the nurse and the manager, and the nurse was free to pick up (in fact encourage to do so) extra shifts which also included the premium pay. Of course, all that alienated the nurses who were permanently on night shift while waiting for a day shift position to open up.


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i work nights and we currentily have a day shifter working nights for $10 an hour extra. He has been on nights since this summer. When i first started ~2 years ago there were also several people getting the $10 hr extra - but at our hospital you must agree to 6 weeks. More than 3/4 of our staff has been on our unit for less than 1 year so having experinced day shift there to help out the new staff and orient is great. I don't think anyone is upset about them getting paid extra to do the same job as us, they are there to help out.

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