NICU t-shirts in larger sizes!

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Just FYI, I just got finished emailing the owner of this company: . We're ordering some of these for work (they custom imprint your hospital name if you have twelve+ items with the same deisgn- these can be t-shirts, sweatshirts, scrubs, as long as they all have the same imprint on them). Some of the girls have these already- they're really cute. Anyway. In my quest to spend all of my money... :D She said that she can get up to size 5x in some of the tshirts (limited colors- black and white, I think...) and scrub jackets and tops (in more colors) for a small surcharge. They have a catalog you can order to post at work to get an order started if you want.

If anyone knows of other places that sell this stuff, please let me know! :)

Oh, and sells a baby footprint tee up to 3x, along with some OB/Ultrasound tshirts that have baby images on them. I've ordered one thing from them before- the print was really nice.

Anyone else?

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