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Hi everybody,

I am RN nurse specialized in pediatrics and now am enrolled in RN-BSN program. I am really very interested to pursue my career in neonatal intensive care nursing.

During the RN-BSN program, we have to write a role paper about the advanced nursing practice we are interested in and would like to specialize in; also, we have to ask some interviewing questions and include them in the paper.

So, I would like to ask you for help since I haven't started to work in U.S. (I am from the Czech Republic, ...) and therefore do not have many chances to encounter NICU/perinatal NP.

If you can, please, answer following questions:

* How did you become interested in and prepare for the role as NICU/perinatal Nurse Practitioner?

* Please, describe your responsibilities as a NICU/perinatal NP.

* Does your actual practice differ from what you expected?

* What are the rewards/frustrations of practicing in this role as NICU/perinatal NP?

* What would be necessary in order for you to function more effectively in the role as NICU/perinatal NP?

* What was your basic nursing education and when and why did you decide to continue in NICU/perinatal advanced nursing?

* What is the work setting like (e.g. private office, workspace, ...)?

* What resources are available (e.g. medical equipment, communication devices, clinical assistants, etc.)

* With whom do you interact as a NICU/perinatal NP (sharing info, receiving orders, making decisions, etc.)

* Do others acknowledge your special role? And how?

* Do you wear a pin with a title and credentials? If yes/no, why? If no, how would others identify your role?

* Are you satisfied with the actual work you are now performing?

* How do you consider nurse-doctor relationship in this position?

* How do you consider nurse-patient relationship in this position?

* Are you furthermore advancing/specializing in a particular area?

I know I listed overwhelming number of questions. Certainly, you do not have to answer all. I would be really glad to read some response.

Again, thank you for your help. I very much appreciate it and I am sure that many other potential NICU nurses/NICU/perinatal NPs would appreciate such info as well.

Thank you.



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You MAY want to try posting this on the NP or Midwife boards. You may garner a bigger response in those places. Good LUCK!

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