What to look for in a NICU job?

  1. Have an interview from a NICU and was wondering what I should be looking for?

    Like what is a good length of time for orientation before putting me on my own in a level II or level III NICU? Or what staffing ratios are appropriate? etc.

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  3. by   Mofe'ny
    Hi, wade on in to the NICU pool! I work at a level 2, so I can't speak for level 3 people. Our usual orientation is 3 months. This includes all NRP, STABLE, PCEP and whatever else they feel like throwing in. I seem to remember you working L&D, (???? did you???) so you probably are at least comfortable with well babies.
    Our staffing ratios can really vary though depending on the acuity of the baby. feeder & growers normal is 3-4 babies per RN. Doesn't sound too bad until you have to PO feed everyone, plus give meds, etc. Most of our hood, CPAP or vent kids rate 2 or 3 to 1 RN. It really depends on how stable they are. Our sickest kids are 1:1--- these are the ones that sometimes end up getting shipped out for ECMO, or Hi-frequency.
    OK, so I don't think I was much help.
  4. by   fergus51
    Definitely helpful Mofe'ny! I do work L&D, so I am comfortable with babies and teaching parents about their normal care.
    I do see I am going to have to learn a whole new set of abbreviations though
  5. by   Mofe'ny
    Well, OK--- I guess I shouldn't just be throwing around abbreviations without explaining them!!! Sorry!
    NRP-- used to be NALS-- Newborn Resuscitation Program
    STABLE-- This is a course that we take and also teach to area hospitals. It is the basis for our transport service and now all RN's are required to take it. It stands for Sugar, Temperature, Artificial breathing, Blood pressure, Labs and Emotional support. It is an awesome program (about 8 hours if I remember??). There is a website for it www.stableprogram.org I would really recommend it.
    PCEP is the Perinatal Continuing Education Program. I think it is supposed to be more for community hospitals (which we are), so I don't know if anyone else really uses it.
    OK, hope that helps clear some things up.
    Good luck in your interview--- Keep us updated on how it goes!!!