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  1. I have made up my mind that I want to do my senior capstone in the NICU and go in the NICU once I graduate in May 2003. I worked there in the summer for about a month and half as a Patient care tech and enjoyed the environment, the babies and the nurses and learned some things from the nurses but I left because I felt I did not have enough to do. Now, I regretted leaving that job because now I feel maybe because I left I won't be considered for re-hire after graduation. I was ALWAYS on time. I did what was asked of me, had a good review after my orientation was finished and gave noticed before I quitted. Do you all think I have a chance of being re-hired into the NICU but this time as a Graduate nurse instead of a patient care tech after graduation even if I do my capstone in the NICU or will those chances be seriously diminished because of the fact. I have been really wondering about that lately.

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  3. by   NicuGal
    Have you spoke to the Nurse Manager? I would and see if there are openings and express to her that you would love to come back and work in the unit. Never hurts to edge the door open