Well, Merry Christmas to us

  1. In the last two days we have gotten:

    5- 32 weekers
    2- 28 weekers
    2- FT on nitric
    3- 26 weekers
    2 -FT cardiacs awaiting shipment out

    and a nursery full of disgruntled nurses and not so bright residents! And two unit managers on vacation! Who left us with no supplies! Go figure! A grand total of 47 babies! Thanks Santa!

    Sounds like the 12 days of Christmas
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  3. by   dawngloves
    Aww! We are experiencing our end of year lull and were able to cancel a good deal of staff the past few days. Don't you love when the managers go away for the week! Must be nice!
    Anyway, had a "Q" Christmas and Christmas Eve. Hope you all had the same!
  4. by   nell
    Our christmas was like yours NicuGal!

    We had more vents than we've ever had and didn't have enough of certain supplies and equipment -even had to ration teeny diapers!

    Our manager however, left her family and came in to help. We are sure blessed in the managerial dept.
  5. by   Brownbetty
    That sounds like our Christmas Day in the NICU. Exhausting but we survived and so did the little ones.
  6. by   nursechook
    Merry Christmas from sunny Australia- we have had a ridiculous christmas/new year period- 10 admissions under 31 weeks in 36 hours(must have been our heat wave!!!) As nurses we are under extreme pressure and our motto for the season is if you don't laugh you'll cry!! Things can only get better one day!
  7. by   Heather333
    We are only a 24 bed Level II/III NICU, but.........
    Between Christmas and New Years we had 5 admits between 25-28 weeks, 1 term w/ major meconium aspiration and an empyema. For us, that's really busy. Plus we shipped a few off to a larger Children's hospital. I am working 72 hours this week and 60 hours next week..........

  8. by   nell
    We continue to be unusually busy. New Year's eve was as bad as Christmas - we admitted 4 on our shift and 2 more on nights putting our 16 bed unit over the top.

    Usually on Holidays we way we are finally getting paid what we're worth, but we should have gotten quadruple time not just double time for how hard we worked on the Holidays!