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  1. Hi All!! It's been a while since I've been back here but I'm hoping you guys can help me. In case you don't remember I'm a med/surg nurse that has been on orientation in the Nicu since March. Tomorrow starts my final week of orientation and I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to make it!! My manager and preceptor has told me that I'm not doing well in the delivery room/admission to Nicu process. They feel that I'm being "hesitant", as If I don't know what to do next. I'm not making decisions quick enough. It's been a tough road and I really do want to succeed. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. They did say that my work in all other areas was good. Thanks, Linda
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  3. by   Mira
    "they feel that I am being hesitant as if I don`t know what to do next..."

    I just wonder what about how you really feel?

    I have been branded once as brave to go on transport( NCPAP babe) alone,change trachy tube myself,that was when I was new in NICU and careless about law suits.I still do procedures that are new to me(w the guidance of a more experienced nurse) so I can learn well.I always think about the basics:Airway,Breathing,Circulation and the normal v/s and values so I can react to the changes on the baby.I make sure that available equipment are functioning well and know where I can get them.I always think that help is at hand,I`m in the hospital,if anything happens I`m a part of the team therefore I`M NOT ALONE.Sometimes I write down my learning needs and focus into it.My head is not empty because I`m educated It`s about time to put my background knowledge into practice.
    You have the desire to succeed,go on and hit the mark.Goodluck!
  4. by   iceNICUnurse
    I think this is something you will learn over time. It is only natural to be a little insecure at first.
    Do you think that you dont know what to do next??

    People didnt think much of me when I first started in the NICU but (I hope) that it has changed now and I feel more secure.

    Just let them know that you need a little more practice and I am sure this will turn out OK.
  5. by   jeffinerrn
    One of the things I did when I first started in the unit after orientation was to volunteer to take first admit for the first several months I worked. I would go on all deliveries I could and take whatever was first admission. this helped me get past any insecurities I may have had and insured that I got just about whatever could possibly occur in the way of unusual or bizarre deliveries. We always go in teams, so there is always another experienced nurse with you, as well as a practitioner, a resident(we are a teaching hospital) and a respiratory tech. If this is an option for you, you ought to check with your nurse manager and see what she thinks about this. This may help you with your confidence as well as drastically improve your lab draw and IV skills!
  6. by   iceNICUnurse 5 people go to ALL high- risk deliveries??
    Where I work the MD goes alone and calls if he needs any help.
  7. by   A_Nightingale55
    Ice/Jeffiner, Thanks so much for your comments..I just finished my orientation yesterday and I felt that I had a very good week! I met with my preceptor and mgr. and was given by evaluation and they said that I have really improved since our last meeting. I feel that my confidence is much higher than it has been. I had two admissions this week and held my own..Both were term babies with resp. distress, not extremely critical, but a good learning experience. Basicly I have the knowledge but as you said other things will come with time & experience. I love the Nicu and plan to stay!! Thanks again.. P.S. In my particular unit one nurse and one M.D./or NNP goes to deliveries.