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  1. Hi all,
    few questions....I am entering my last year of RN school and really want to work in NICU. I just got an interview for a NICU tech position which I applied for thinking it would be a great "foot in the door". I have experience as a cna but not in this area. So my questions are....#1 do you use techs in your NICU? #2 what do they do? #3 have any interview tips?
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  3. by   helicoptergal
    1. Yep techs in the NICU I work in are invaluable. The only problem is that there is only 1 or 2 per shift.
    2. They assist in nipple feeding the babies that are stable feeder/growers, take temp, diaper changes. Assist in bathing babies. Most of the techs I am lucky enough to work with are bilingual so they help teach simple well baby education, i.e. bathing under the rn watchful eye. They set up all of the equipment, incubators, warming tables in prep for admit. Run specimens to lab, or get blood from the lab in a critical situation. They know where all the obscure not commonly used equipment is, etc. Stocking, etc. They back up the unit secretary if there is a need. They are life savers!!!
    3) Interview tips. Reinforce that you want to be a NICU rn and that working as a tech in a NICU would be an excellent prep for your future as an RN.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   SteveNNP
    My last hospital used the NICU tech to clean incubators, stock/inventory, and order supplies. No patient care was involved.

    Here our NICU tech stocks, checks fridge/freezer temps, and helps the NNP with sterile dsg changes. Other than that , no patient contact.
  5. by   okchug
    Thanks sooo much! I am really excited and nervous about the interview. I guess either way (pt contact or no) it will be great experience and i will learn a bunch just by being there. can't wait for next week!
    happy & safe 4th!
  6. by   okchug
    Hey~ the interview yesterday went great. The nurse recruiter called today and the nicu manager wants me to come in monday for a peer interview with the assist. manager and another nurse. YEAH! I'm really happy. Thanks for your input. Fingers crossed.