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Do any of you use baby shirts with some kind of adaptation for IVs? We are looking into having some of these made, so I'm seeking input on what will work best. Thanks for any advice.... Read More

  1. by   MichaelaNICU
    My experience has been negative in the velcro area. Many numbers of things end up stuck in the velcro and we have to pull them out to get the sticky to work again. If the velcro is fastened before washing it seems to work out fine though. That is hard to do when you work in a bigger NICU because people forget.

    We have used Hospital Isolette Gowns they seem to work a lot better because they have snaps down the front all the way and down the shoulders from the neck. They do sell these and you can look Hospital Isolette Gown up on google or any other comparable search engine I suppose. These were recommended by another hospital and work very well. Hope this helps...