Synagis question

  1. I am a former NICU RN, now working in home health. Synagis season is here, and I will be going into homes soon to start giving injections. My problem is...I have never given one!
    I worked nights and they were always given on days.

    Can someone refresh my memory on this so I will not feel so ignorant once the time comes? I know the dosage varies according to the baby's weight. What is the range in cc's? Are they IM injections in the thigh, like a Vitamin K injection?

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  3. by   kids
    I think I give a quart of this stuff to my home care babies over the winter. This is my favorite site (includes a dosage calculater). Synagis is really spendy and the dose has to be given based on an accurate weight, I carry a digital scale with me. PM me if the link doesn't work.