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Hi, I was wondering what support staff you have in NICU. Do you use techs or is it just the nurses? The special care nursery where I did my clinical rotation didn't use support staff and I'm... Read More

  1. by   MegNeoNurse
    Our NICU does not have CNAs, techs or LPNs. I am a unit secretary in a leve 3 NICU but IMO it's more of a tech role because I do not just file, greet and answer phones. I do all that stuff, put orders in, get blood products, transport equipment, get meds from pharm, hold babies if nurses do not have time to, stock everything that CS/pharm do not etc. etc. etc. We pretty much pick up the slack where needed. I am currently in nursing school and will grad w/my associates in nursing (to be an RN) in spring '08 and plan on working NICU when I'm done, so the nurses trust me to do some more stuff that is within my scope of practice and that they are able to delegate to me.
  2. by   Jules A
    Thank you all so much for your replies. I'm going to check out the local NICUs and special care nurseries and hopefully I'll be back as a member of your group soon. Take care and thanks again for being so generous with your experiences! Jules