Skin care for Premature Neonates - page 2

hi i was wonder what other units (nicu) policy or practice is on skin care (mainly aimed at extreme premature neonate (24 week and above). thanks mariann:monkeydance:... Read More

  1. by   PrudenceNurse
    We have Extremely Low Birthweight Guidelines that include: no leads; "soft touch" pulse ox probe with no adhesive; mist tent for 72 hours; after initial bath, water only (no cleanser) for two weeks; remove all Betadine/Chloraprep with sterile water ASAP; Extra Thin Duoderm under ET tube tape;and AVOID ALL TAPE and TEGADERM on the skin, which goes for all of our patients, not just the ELBWs.
  2. by   PrudenceNurse
    What exactly is a "bio-occlusive dressing"? Tegaderm? Please give more details/examples?