1. need some help from supervisor told me if I could come up with rules for self-scheduling we could start that in our unit.....other than 2 fridays and one monday and every other weekend...does anyone have anything else that has worked for them?....we already have the holiday thing down pat.....would appreciate any help...thanks...this is for NICU if it matters
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  3. by   NicuGal
    You may have to limit requests too. Or are you going to hang a calendar and have people fill in and then have your schedulers go back and rearrange. How about rotation? How do you all handle that? Are you straight shifts or 12's and how are you going to rotate...always 25 % always 50% or just go down the senority line and say...your rotation is this week, blah. blah.

    We are quite spoiled...we have one gal that does our time...we usually work everyother weekend, and have unlimited requests
  4. by   cindylouwho
    we have a calendar to fill in and I will be filling in the rest....we have very few rotations now as everyone is where they want to be and we are at maximum staff......we have 12's and 8's and a list for whose turn it is to rotate if needed.......I just want everyone to know that what that ask for is not always necessarily what they will get.......does anyone have any other rules or guidelines?
  5. by   tinyhands4Him
    we do it pretty much the way you had planned.....everyone signs up for what they want and then the schedulers look at it and circle the places that need more staff or have too much and put it back out.....everyone gets a chance to change it so it works and if the holes or surplusses aren't fixed than they are fixed for ya by the schedulers....usually everyone moves themselves around so it works out. Also, if you want a certain day off during that schedule you put down a R and you will more than likely get that request. If you have to miss more than 3 work shifts you have to put in a written request to the manager and they will decide based on staffing needs and other's requests within one wk. Besides that, all the other rules about wkends are about the same. we only have 12's here though so that makes it a little easier for scheduling. Good luck!
  6. by   corks
    We worked out the skill mix that was required for every shift, eg; 3 trained and 3 nursery nurses. made out blank rosters covering one month which are displayed for one week for red requests, these are must have shifts and then the following week pencil requests which are flexible. We are due for a review in sept as this is a new thing in our unit and as you can imagine quite a hot topic. There is a diary for putting in you annual leave and if you don't put your off duty down, the off-duty coordinator puts you down where it suits the ward!!! There is a number of articles on self-rostering, if you want me to let you know what they are, give us a shout, when I am next on duty ( got a week off, luxury of working part-time ) I'll jot them them down and let you know. I'll warn you people find it hard to make changes and with our family friendly policy for staff it has been a contentious time in our unit. I m afraid to say, off duty can be used as a power tool. You need all your staff on board and firm ground rules. Good Luck,Corks
  7. by   Mimi2RN
    We work on a six week schedule, changed to that several years ago. It always seems like it's a long way off, and some people complain that they don't know what days off they need, but we have about three weeks to work on the schedule, and it is usually ok by the time the lead nurse has to work it in to the other units. We all work 12 hour shifts, RN's only in my area.

    The schedule has to be worked on only 8 or 9 times a year, not every month. Also, the six weeks usually covers Thanksgiving to about New Years, so it's easier to look at the big picture. As we have to work two holiday shifts, it's easier to see what everyone else is doing. A record is kept of holidays worked, to make it fair for everyone.

    We are allowed 6 "R's" on the schedule, we can even use those to extend our vacation weeks out at either end, as long as it fits with everyone elses shifts. Also, full time staff must work 5-6 weekend shifts, PT 3-4. We don't rotate at all.

    I used to work regular days every two weeks, but I like this better. Some people like to work their shifts in a row, and others no more than 2 at a time, so we try to accommodate, but we can't always keep everyone happy!
  8. by   cindylouwho
    thank you corks if you could just get me a few of those sights to look at I would be grateful......we tried this once and don't know if we just have stubborn people in my unit or didn't work....but I'm determined to make it helps for appts...things with family and kids....and if something special comes up......thanks everyone
  9. by   cindylouwho
    also I wondered if anyone has set schedules in your unit?....I may like that because I'm top seniority and that's how they would be given out but just wondering if it works?....