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So I usually work on the regular in pt peds ward, but we are often floated to the NICU because they have staffing issues to say the least. But that's a whole other thread for another board. Any... Read More

  1. by   rn/writer
    Wow. That is really a toxic situation. Makes me doubly glad you came here. We'll give you all the TLC you can handle.

    It's a shame when nurses--or anyone, for that matter--can't see beyond the trappings and recognize that we're all just people trying to make life work. Kindness and caring repay far more than they cost and can reap dividends long after they've been extended.

    You were good to these parents. That might not register now in the shock, but at some point, your caring will begin to show up in their memories. You have planted a seed that you likely will never see come to fruition, but it's there, nevertheless. That seed will be a bit of shelter in the storm of their emotions, their struggle to make sense of the loss of their baby when they never saw it coming. Your compassion will mean something to them down the road. Thank you for being there with them and for them.

    In the meantime, talk to your own colleagues for comfort. Losses in peds are not all that common, but I'm sure you have them occasionally. Try to hook up with any nurses anywhere who are more interested in connecting heart to heart than feeling territorial and threatened.

    And, since you are in the military, see if you can find a chaplain who is a real person and who might be able to offer a listening ear. Most of those guys are top notch.

    The power and worth of a caring soul never cease to amaze me. You were a candle in the dark for this young couple who were parents so briefly.
  2. by   navynurse06
    Thank you.