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Okay, here's the deal. Most of you know by now that I graduated in Jan. and started right away in the NICU. I have worked very hard trying to learn as much as possible, but I'm running into a... Read More

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    We have had kids on the HF for a month. Our attendings feel that it is much easier on the kids, esp if they have PIE or severe RDS. I agree...less damage to the good tissue that is left So, I guess you can see why we can't keep them snowed...a month of that would really be bad!

    And I would hope that anyone that uses paralytics is kind enough to sedate! That would be the worst thing on earth!
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    We do not routinely use sedation on our oscillator kids, unless warranted, like a pphn kid, restlessness, agitation, etc...

    I work at a large teaching hospital also and our RT's do not interpret lab gases. Our residents check on them and make changes, but it is the nurses job to interpret them initially and decide if the resident needs to see it right away or not. then they will order changes and RT will change the settings. RT's also change nc tubing, cpap prongs, sx tubing for the vents etc... and they are an invaluble resource for us. They help with alarms, suggestions like maybe this kid needs an xray. etc...but they do not reposition the babies, we do. I can't believe how much RT's do in your unit. Hearing screens? we have a special dept for that also.

    Kristi, Stick up for yourself even if you are new, I agree with documenting everything and call him on his lies, don't take the blame because you are new. Get assistance if you have to, do you have ANM's there to advocate for you? It is hard to stick up for yourself at times, I'm learning the same thing, but if you do you'll feel better and develop more confidence in youself. Trust your judgements. I admire how much you care about your kids, and you sound like you have learned quite a bit in your short time there. good luck! Keep us posted on this guy and how you are doing.