Potential NICU asks NICU nurses: What do you love/hate

  1. Hey everyone! I am a nursing student looking at becoming a NICU nurse. I was wondering if any of you out there have things you love or hate about being a NICU nurse or just any wisdom! Anything would be helpful and much appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   dawngloves
    There is a sticky up top titled, "What do you love about the NICU"
  4. by   BittyBabyRN
    MOSTLY EVERTHING!!! watching them grow, helping parents adjust and understand what is going on, feeling so important for that baby's care and immediate development, even starting IVs, art sticks, and other technical skills, getting to hold them when they are OH-SO-Small!!!! And lots more!!! :-)

    The only thing I really hate at all is when things go terribly wrong, and especially when there is nothing you can do. You tend to blame yourself and go over what happened in your head and think, "if only i would have done..." or "why didn't I notice that...." But it does keep you on your toes! Also, after a baby takes a bad turn, its hard to talk to parents. They usually are histerical and you don't know how much they are actually absorbing from your convo!

    All and all, the good DEFINATELY, without a doubt outway the bad. I really love my job but like anything, it is probably not for everyone and you really won't know until you give it a chance! :-)
  5. by   NebraskaRN

    Feeling like you are able to change this little persons life, you can help them to grow and learn the things they need to survive and become healthy children that can go home with their parents. Helping parents through one of the toughest times of their lives and then sending them home with a healthy child. Learning and implimenting many new and standard skills.


    When you are unable to help the child and/or parents overcome the tough times. When a child suddenly goes bad and you have to really work to save them and after you do the outcome is still bad. The emotions sometimes that are hard to handle. Most of all I hate when a child needs to be able to pass away and the family is not ready and you have the child that is barely hanging on for way too long, and you are unable to do anything for the child or family.