1. does anyone have any good pictures, or websites with good pictures, of neonates?? if anyone happens to have anything comparing/showing examples of the differences between least critical to most critical, youngest to full term, or something like that, it would be great!! thanks
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  3. by   EricJRN has a few good pics throughout the site, but it also has tons of links to other sites. Check out the 'Links' and 'Clinical' sections in particular.
  4. by   justjenny
    You can try Google images

    I had to find pics for a powerpoint presentation and spent a lot of time searching for images, but didn't find a whole lot.

  5. by   NiteRocker
    Love the google images. There are lots of really good representations of what I see in my surgical unit. I worked in a delievery hospital for a short while. The issue babes were not seen very often; and when they were they were transported out very quickly. So, use these images to help you learn, but be careful sharing the info with parents. It can be very overwhelming to them. They are emotionally charged and it can be more than they can handle... and a legal issue for you.