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I work in a 40 bed NICU that needs a new Kardex and a consistent method of giving report. Our current Kardex is old and usually not updated because it just doesn't work for us anymore. Our shift... Read More

  1. by   Bortaz, RN
    Quote from Cambria1023
    We use computer charting and have a bedside chart in which the doctors write their orders, the kardex is kept, other info. We chart our assessments, etc on the computer. Whenever a doctor writes new orders, we sign them off and then our secretaries put in the orders and are usually the ones who update the kardex. It is our job though to look over the kardex and make sure all the information is updated and correct.
    Pretty much what we do, too.

    My main problem with our Kardex is that it's too cluttered and there's no room for some of the information we'd all like to share (ie. bl cx results, feedings, vent settings), and all the info is written in tiny little script that some of us can barely read.
  2. by   NicuGal
    We use SBAR, but we also use a bedside worksheet. It has the admitting diagnosis, birthdate, weight, band number and parent names. Then it is divided into columns for Resp, Cardiac, Neuro, GI/GU/ Nutrition, Other. For example, on admission we would put under Resp: Intubated, survanata x2, CXR grade 3 RDS Cardiac: NS bolus x2, Dopa 10mcg Neuro: WNL GI/GU: NPO, starter TPN at 100ml/kg, D10 bolus x2, foley placed Other: SWU, Abx started, UAC at 7 UVC at 14, MRSA cx sent

    Simple and to the point, updated daily with anything pertinent.
  3. by   3yrDiploma
    I would very much like to have a copy of your Kardex as well!! I will PM you my address if you can get me a sample