Organizing Emergency supplies at Delivery

  1. Hoping to hear how many of you store and quickly grab your Neonatal Resuscitation supplies, such as your Intubation supplies and your Umbilical line supplies, and emergency medications in your delivery rooms. We have portable radiant warmers with a lower bin that we keep our locked tackle box with meds, our big baggie of Umbilical supplies, and another baggie of endotracheal tubes, stylets and ETT taping supplies. Since we move the radiant warmer into the LDRPs or OR, (and then remove it following the delivery), we do not have a table or extra surface set up for resuscitation. When an unexpected emergency arises, we empty the baggie of supplies that we need next to the baby who needs resuscitation, and then start assembling them. All items are in their original packages, still sterile.
    Of course our bag and mask and suction are easy access, it is just when we need to move beyond those things is when it becomes less efficient.
    Anyone willing to share their way?
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  3. by   jennylee321
    All delivery rooms have a resus cart including emergency neonatal supplies. We also bring a transport bag with all the supplies you could need at a delivery to any delivery we are called to.
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    L&D has radiant warmers in each room where they stock hats, diapers, cord clamps, neopuff masks/tubing, suction tubing, extra bulb syringes, & intubation equipment in all sizes (00/0/1 blades & tubes sizes 2.5-4). Our radiant warmers have pulse ox capability. NICU team comes to the delivery and brings a portable pulse ox for backup (RT brings this), and the RN brings a tackle box with emergency meds and equipment to drop an umbi line if needed.

    Did I read correctly that L&D does not have a radiant warmer in each room? I can imagine that hinders things a good bit.