NRP first-timer/orientation

  1. I passed my NRP for the first time today! I'm just excited(and relieved) and had to share! lol

    Also, to make this post more substantial, I was wondering how your orientation processes go at your hospital.

    What level NICU do you work in, and what length of orientation do you have? I just passed my month's mark in a level 3 that does ECMO, total body cooling, surgeries, and nitric, and we usually do about 4 month's of orientation. They do 6 weeks in the stepdown area, then 4-6 weeks on your own with an assigned "resource person", then you orient in the intensive end for, I believe, 10 weeks. Then have your "resource person" time down there for a few weeks. I am a little nervous about this process, but it does make sense. They said they found that giving time "on your own" in between helps most people continue to build up time management and be more comfortable with the babies who aren't quite as unstable before going to the most intensive babies. I was wondering if anyone else has an orientation process like this at your hospital, and how you liked it!
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