NICU transfer from Critical Care

  1. Hello,
    I'm currently recoverying from an injury on the job related to patient care. I had a 2 level fusion of C4-C5 and now have limitations with regards to what I can and cannot do. The CCU cannot accomadate these issues and I relized I need to make a change. What and Where can I take classes in regards to NICU? Ive tought of this area many years, but been afraid. Tiny... I currently have my AS but have worked over 20 yrs. almost 12 in ICU.
    Can someone help direct me?
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  3. by   prmenrs
    You may have already done this, if so, I apologize; I think you need to shadow a nurse in the NICU so you can see what the physical demands of the job are. Depending on the layout of the unit, you may need to move equipment, plugging stuff into electrical sockets can be awkward, sometimes you get in wierd positions helping moms breast feed--NICU sounds easier physically, but reality: ??? Just suggesting you check it out.

    If it is for you in that regard, keep in mind that "everything is different" in NICU. All the stuff you just "know" w/adults turns out to not be true for babies. Consider them a whole new species!

    Go and talk to the nurse manager of the unit you want to apply for; it's possible s/he has a new grad program or internship you could undertake. Start studying: search Merenstein and Gardner on Amazon for starters.

    Best of luck to you; I hope you can find something rewarding for the rest of your career.
  4. by   babyNP.
    NRP and STABLE are good classes to do, although a bit tough if you've never taken care of the population.

    I agree with prmenrs--you need to shadow a NICU nurse to see what it's like. Keep in mind that not every unit is equal either. Some hospitals have NICUs where you take care of 4 babies who all need to be fed every 3 hours but not the "easy" kind of feeding, the kind where you're coaxing them throughout. Higher acuity NICUs tend to have lower patient ratios, but you can still have the aspect of running around, calling various services, etc etc.

    Sorry about your injury

    My biggest kid in the NICU was just over 9kg, so at least the weight limit is more reasonable than adults...
  5. by   NicuGal
    Sorry about your injury . I agree, I'd shadow in the unit and see what it is like. We do a lot of bending and we do have to push isolettes etc, which are lighter than adults but still can put a link your back. We do have some bigger kids that are dead weight that you have to get out of cribs and put on mats on the floor or in seats, but some units don't have bigger chronic kids. Somedays the only time you sit is to feed a kiddo. But check it out. Sometimes I think people think we do light work, which compared to adults it is, but it is still hard on the knees and back. And I think it will depend on your limitations as to whether it will be a good fit.