NICU-Specific Interview Questions

  1. Hi everyone!

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I am a new grad RN (May 2017) and just received a call for an interview in my dream speciality, NICU! The position is also at my dream hospital, a children's tertiary referral centre spanning a large geographical area. The NICU at this hospital is large and includes a Level I, Level II, and Level III NICU (highest in Canada-- equal to a Level IV in the US).

    I've had a nurse summer externship, 90 hours of independent practice, and a senior preceptorship in a Level III NICU in my hometown (different hospital from where I'm interviewing). This hospital does not have a residency program, so it has taken me months to get an interview there. The interview is two weeks away.

    I've heard getting hired as an external candidate at this facility is extremely competitive, so I would like to be prepared as possible for the interview. I've been searching past posts for interview tips, and have gathered that most questions are behavioural-based. I feel well prepared for these types of questions, but what I am looking for is examples of NICU-specific clinical/situational questions. If you've had a NICU interview that asked clinical/situational/priority-based questions, please give me some examples!

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   jennylee321
    Someone senior to you or a colleague does something you know is wrong, what do you do ?

    Common question, phrased in different ways ie. Doctor prescribes wrong drug/wrong dose, nurse doesn't use sterile technique ect.