NICU as a new grad?

  1. I am hoping to start nursing school in the Fall of 2007. I have a BS in Psychology and will be getting my RN as an ASN.

    This area is extremely small and there are no NICU's at the area hospitals.

    I am planning on starting my BSN after I graduate, and will be moving to a University that is located near a hospital that does have a NICU.

    What would be my chances of getting a job in the NICU as a new grad?

    The reason I want to work there is because my own daughter, was a micropreemie (2 lbs, 3 oz, 29 weeker). Not that it makes me an expert, b/c it certainly doesn't, but I do think that going through everything yourself gives you a good perspective of what the parents are going through...I know I won't be much comfort to the parents that lose their baby, but Lord knows I was in touch with that fear every day.

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  3. by   Jolie
    There have been many threads on this very topic. Perhaps you can do an archive search and read thru them. In a nutshell, you will find plenty of support on this forum for new grads who choose to enter the NICU. It is commonplace in large NICUs in teaching hospitals, and many nurses who find success in the NICU start there as new grads. Find a unit with a lengthy orientation/internship program which includes both clinical and classroom time, a 1:1 orientation with a consistent preceptor, and a staff of experienced nurses to back you up. Good luck and welcome!
  4. by   maryshome8
    I went through the archives...I had actually never looked up old posts and was unsure of what to even search for, but I found out what I was looking for.

    I kept seeing something mentioned "perceptor" (sp)...can someone tell me what that is?

  5. by   EricJRN
    A preceptor is an experienced nurse assigned to mentor and supervise a newbie.
  6. by   maryshome8
    Thanks for the answer!