1. We are in the process of designing our new NICU, we were asked what we would love to have, and I was wondering what all of you at there love about your NICUs? Such as how they are designed, (ie private rooms, couches for parents) Thanks for all your input...
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    the powers that be neglected to put a bathroom in ours. since we sometimes get down low enough census-wise to use only 1 nurse over there, it can be a problem. with the dim lights and no outside windows, we lovingly call it 'the dungeon'. -- stuck in the dungeon again...

    if i could change anything about it, i would have a camera and buzzer to buz visitors in at the door. i would also like to have the beds a little farther from the nurses station with more of an alcove type space for families to visit. curtains around every bed would be nice for the breastfeeders as well.
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