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Hi everyone, I live in the UK and I'm a 3rd year student nurse and I'm almost qualified, I have applied for a staff nurse position on a neonatal unit, and if I'm lucky enough to get it I hope to... Read More

  1. by   Meg2000
    Hi MandaAnda,

    I do realise that if I was child qualified or dual qualified I would have a better chance , but all the neonatal jobs i have looked at say either adult or child RN
    I am going to ring the NICU at Dewsbury where I'm having my placement at the moment and ask if I can go on there for a few weeks (I'm on CCU for 11 more weeks)

    I have got a job offer for Orthopedics at Dewsbury to start in September so I will have to take that and look out for jobs on NICU- this hospital trust do a transfer scheme after 6 months which may be possible??
    I will definatly get on bank as a HCA and bank on NICU if possible.... or if not on Maternity (which would cover pre and post natal care of mother and baby)???

    Thanks for the advice

    Fozzy- I agree that where ever you work the support and training needs to be there, as long as you are passionate about the area and willing to learn!
  2. by   MandaAnda
    Out of the maternity wards (labour ward, antenatal and postnatal), postnatal would probably get you the best exposure to babies, although all would be good experience.

    I think it's also a great idea to try to get in there on your current placement if you can arrange it with their neonatal unit and CCU. I think most placements are happy to facilitate things like that.

    Good luck!