Neonatal Death - what does your unit do? - page 2

Hi all. Just curious as to what your unit does in the event of a death? Do you have all visitors (including family) of other patients leave? What about codes? I am asking because we currently... Read More

  1. by   elizabells
    We generally ask parents to step out - we have 2-3 baby pods on our 60 bed unit. Very, very rarely a parent will refuse and we pull the privacy curtains. Last week had a bit of a situation with a mom of a room-air feeder insisting she stay in the pod during a full (unsuccessful) code (compressions, epi, etc) because her baby was just as sick as the one we were coding. I get that it's all a matter of perspective, but there's just no reasoning with some folks. Usually what happens is the parents of the baby who is passing will go to one of our lactation rooms (or several other private family conference rooms) and we'll bring the baby to them.
  2. by   wensday
    It sounds like most NICUs do the same as us, we ask other parents to leave the room for sick admissions/resus (you lot call it a code) that requires ECM-drugs etc/ward rounds/withdrawing care/baptism (but depends on the situation).
    We always ask the parents if they would prefer to hold the baby at the incubator before/after the ETT is removed, or take the baby vented to the quiet room (that's a big, comfy, private room) or for them to wait in the quiet room and we can whip the tube out and run round to the room. Everyone has a different way they want to do it and it depends on what else is going on in the room at the time. It's horrible to extubate and run in the middle of visiting time.
    Then they can spend as much time as they need, we have 2 overnight rooms and a special bath and moses basket and nice clothes. They can take the baby home too if they want. The parents tend to already be in the overnight rooms cos if the baby is that sick they can stay on the unit- depending on space. We've recently got 4 flats as well just next to the hospital for sick baby parents or those that are from a long way- we are a very big NICU.
    Hmmm, it's sad but I still love my job. I like knowing that the baby has had the best end-of-life I could possibly give to the baby and the family.