1. HI!! Just wondering if any of your units use the Aladdin NCPAP system and if so--do any of you have any good secrets for keeping prongs/mask in place, and maintaining ordered CPAP?
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  3. by   fergus51
    We use it, and I think the most important thing to maintaining a good seal is properly fitted hats.
  4. by   nell
    Yes, well fitting hats are a big part of making it work.

    We also frequently need to use tape to secure the straps instead of the velcro supplied because the velcro is too low.

    Also, the tubing can cause the prongs (or mini-mask which we just started using) to twist away from the face - bend them until the whole thing is balanced. I also tie the tubings to the hat (not everyone where I work does) and tie them separately so that I can use the corrugated one to tilt the prongs/mask up or down on the face by crimping or stretching it between the tie and the nose-piece.

    Good luck.