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I'm hearing something I've never heard of and need to know if there is research out there to support this issue. The issue is this: Does mixing formula and breast milk together in the same bottle... Read More

  1. by   Bobbkat
    I mix them together all the time, and have never heard of it changing the composition of the breast milk itself. I only mix it for nipple feedings if I know the entire volume will be consumed in one way or another, but that's just so I don't waste it, not because of any kind of chemical change.
    It all mixes together in the tummy anyways...
  2. by   ellegruber
    Breastmilk contains antibodies. When breastmilk is mixed with formula, the formula compromises the antibodies, especially the colostrum antibodies which when fed alone coats the gut wall with sIGA to protect the infant's gut from absorbing pathogens/allergens, and can help avoid sensitisizing the infant to the cow's milk protein in the formula.

    Ideally, when feeding both breastmilk and formula feeds, breastmilk should be given first and allowed to be digested somewhat before the formula is given fed. Yes, they will mix in the infant's gut, but the antibodies and ingredients that are specifc to breastmilk are used more effectively when feeds are provided separately.

    When responsible for several babies, this can be nearly impossible to do, but if can be done it should.

    Human Milk in the NICU: Practice to Policy by Dr. Lois Arnold-is an excellent resource. Many NICUs have implemented postive breastmilk feeding policies based on the research and evidence shared here. http://www.amazon.com/Human-Milk-NIC.../dp/0763761338