Level II/SCN as a goal

  1. I would prefer to work in a Level II nursery. Is this still considered NICU nursing? If not, what is it considered? It's not that I can't see myself working Level III or Level III+, but at this point I see myself more in a Level II setting. I'm hoping to get a better idea of the day-to-day reality of a Level III NICU when I'm volunteering; my son was in a Level II. What are the pros/cons of starting in a Level II?

    I know some of you recommend starting in Level III's, then going to a II, but I see myself starting at the more "normal" end, then going in to the Level III if that's where I'm called. Are Level II's usually combined with the newborn nursery? Any advice is appreciated

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    It is all going to depend on the facility and the types of babies that they keep, as well as what they ship out.Are the babies on ventilators or not? This is going to depend on the pediatricians as well as neonatologists in your area.