1. Ok... the mom of the preemies triplets I have been doing private duty for is trying to go q4 for feedings instead of q3. The babes are sleeping long enough and waking up right at 4 hours acting hungry. When they were q3 we always had to wake them up and they were very sluggish eaters. They have been gaining up to 2oz per day. As of last Tuesday they weighed between 5.5 and 7lbs. Currently the they are eating 90-100cc's per feed.

    I used the formula 100-120kcal/kg/day and found they should be surpassing that limit. Is there a different formula for preemies? Do you think it's wise to go q4?

    Thanks a bunch!

    OH... the were born June 14 are were not due till Aug. 8
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  3. by   Mira
    Hi!Here in UK most of the Hospitals ruling:the smaller the baby the higher the caloric supply,the bigger the baby the smaller the caloric supply or might be similar.1st 24h=60mls/kg/day,2nd 24h=90mls/kg/day/,3rd=120mls/kg/day up to 180mls/kg/day while they are on a regime but once they demand,you can give as much as they can tolerate.We have specific formulas dependent on the weight,gestation.As long as they are tolerating their feeds and they don`t have problems with their gut,it is wise to put them on 4hourly since they are asking for it and they can have a longer rest periods.I assume they are 32weeks now.
  4. by   NicuGal
    Are they one preemie formula, such as neosure ? As long as they are gaining weight consistently they should be fine.
  5. by   prmenrs
    These babies are at home, right? If they're gaining 2-3 oz/day--that's more than enough! I would definitely go to q4h, sounds like that is waht the babies want to do--offer 4 oz/fd, see what happens.

    How old are they now? How many weeks gestation plus weeks old?

    sounds like they're doing great!