Job Shadowing

  1. I have set up some time to do job shadowing in a level 3 NICU and very excited about it! I'm still a student--start NS this summer.

    I was just wondering if theres anything to look out for or to have more caution with in this particular area? I'm already a CNA so I know some about other areas but I have never visited a NICU.
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    Have fun and take in as much as you can!

    It'll probably be strictly observation, so just see as much as you can .... ask questions about things you don't understand.

    Good luck to you in school!
  4. by   sissyboo
    It is pretty well observation. I have shadowed in this particular hospital before and did do some hands on assisting. But that may be more limited in this area? T

    Thanks for replying
  5. by   missapoo
    sissyboo I have been a preceptor the last couple of years and it was a very rewarding experience. I didn't get the opportunity to shadow a nurse while in RN school, but during my summer break I shadowed a pediatrician who also does NICU and I totally loved it....I knew then that was what I wanted to do. I am sure you will learn a lot and never ever be hesitant to ask questions...that you probably already know but it's how we all learn
  6. by   gamecockfan
    Hopefully you will hook up with a good mentor who will show you around and give you a good overview of their unit. It is interesting to watch the teamwork between ancillary departments. I think the main thing to get our of this experience is exactly that. Nursing is not just about one person or nursing staff, rather the entire hospital team. Just sit back and enjoy it. This is one of the rare occassions you DON"T have to do anything!!
  7. by   sissyboo
    Thanks Everyone