Is it really that gross?

  1. Okay everytime I tell someone I want to be a nurse, (well a NICU nurse) they say oooh can you take all that nasty stuff? Is nursing really that bad, is it really that bad of nasty things? What about nursing school do you see the people with trama and gross things? This is sorta got me worried and making me re-think going into nursing. What do yall think? Please help me before I go crazy.
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  3. by   Katnip
    Gross is relative. Some people think vomit is gross. For others it's sputum. Yes, there are traumas and burns and GI bleeds and all kinds of unpleasant sights and smells. But once you're in it you tend to focus on solving the problem of the patient rather than the icky parts.

    Only people direct patient care can discuss the quantity and quality of a person's stomach then go chow down.

    I suppose in NICU it's not quite so bad. But there are still things you'll have to handle. And before you go to NICU you have to get through the rest of it durings school, at least. It's just something you get used to.

  4. by   SteveNNP
    In school you do traumas, ICU, and all the other areas.....You do see a lot of blood, poop, vomit, pee, and smell burning burning flesh in the OR. get used to it real quick. You almost see past the gross stuff, and just see what the patient needs right now. I work NICU, and you mainly see just plain old baby spit and poop, but we do IV/arterial sticks, chest tubes and lung suctioning, etc,..which can be gross, even for an experienced nurse. Like I said, you get over it, and then go to lunch! If you want to be a nurse badly enough, you can make it academically and emotionally. Good Luck!

  5. by   bbrown1
    Thanks for the replies. I feel much better. I guess I am just scaring myself. I want to work in the NICU bad enough that at this point I think I will look at any and everything. Are there any drawbacks to working in the NICU in your opinion?
  6. by   minniemiteRN
    Sure there are draw backs, but then again there are draw backs to almost everything. Parents can be difficult and its hard to watch a baby suffer, and even harder when a baby dies...though sometimes your relieved when a baby passes so he/she is no longer in pain.

    Generally I think there are more benefits to NICU nursing. Forgiving pts...give a preemie a shot or start an IV and 10 sec later their ready to snuggle (careful with chronics, once they get a few months along adjusted age they start to have a bit of a memory and will hold a grudge:angryfire ) Sucesses and celebrations everyday...a babies first try off the ventilator or first bottle feed. Its amazing how excited we can get about a baby tolerating 10ml's of breast milk! Oh and the best part is seeing your success stories...I just recently got a visit from one of my old primary babies who spent 6 mos with me. He was born with a malrotation of the sm intestine and lost 72cm Needless to say he had major absorption issues, was on hyper al for over 4 mos. At one time he was on the liver transplant list from all the damage caused from the hyper al. Now he is a beautiful...HEALTHY! 18mos 27lb boy!! That is all the reassurance and reward I need.
    There are bad days when we are under staffed and I don't feel like I'm being provided with the right equipment/supplies to do my job and I do sometimes wonder why I became a nurse in the first place but then I find myself looking into a set of big baby blues...or browns and I remember why!
    Good luck!
    I know this is long winded but it's truly the way I feel and how do you shorten what's in your heart?
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  7. by   bbrown1
    You just said it all. I dont think I can do anything else because I feel that this is whats in my heart. Thanks for all the replys.
  8. by   rnwannabesoon
    Quote from bbrown1
    You just said it all. I dont think I can do anything else because I feel that this is whats in my heart. Thanks for all the replys.
    Hi brittany, did you finally get to nursing school? How was it? I will be starting my prerequisites this summer. It's going to be awhile but I hope I can hang on.