I am not a nurse but an expectant mother...

  1. My child will most likely be born premature and I have a question. Are babies who have to be on ventilators sedated? I was wondering if the sedation would slow down the breathing even more or if they sedated them to keep them more comfortable. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   wee one rn
    That is an excellent question for your doctor or a neonatologist at your hospital. Each case is different so there isn't a simple yes or no answer and we can't give medical advice on this site.

    My thoughts will be with you and your baby.
  4. by   EricJRN
    I'd like to extend my good wishes as well. While it's really hard to comment about individual situations in a forum like this (which is one reason we stay away from providing medical advice), please do rest assured that comfort measures and pain control are top priorities in the NICU.

    I hope that you'll be able to discuss things in more detail with your medical team. I'm wishing for the best possible outcome for you and your child.
  5. by   BSNtobe2009
    I'm not a nurse, but had a 29 weeker. She only had to be vented for 6 hours.

    How early is early? Remember, that if you have a medical condition where you know you will deliver early, they can give you medications to help with your baby's lung development, and it is very possible that a vent may not be needed at all, but again, depends on how early and other factors that may be affecting baby's development.