How to get into NICU?

  1. I am a prospective nursing student and I was looking at the different specialties of nurses and NICU immediately hit me as an area I would love to go into. I was wondering if there is a certain degree needed to be a NICU nurse. If I did go into nursing I would be getting a BSN, would that be enough? Also, is NICU a competitive area to be in? Thanks for any information.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    At most places, no certain degree is required (most places hire RN's, including diploma, ADN, BSN), but it is fairly competitive. Interviews are usually pretty important for those jobs.
  4. by   doularoz
    NICU seems to be a popular area and can be difficult to get in to. You just need to be an RN as far as degrees go. Some units hire new grads and some want experiene. A good place to start is regular newborn nursery if you can't get right into a unit. It gives you a good baseline of what is normal and will make you more appealing to a NICU.
  5. by   Jokerhill
    I personaly use the door most of the time as the window is on the fouth floor and hard to get to. The real answer is above.
  6. by   TCHilton7
    umpiron: I am a recent grad of a BSN program and have been hired to start in a NICU. Based on my experience, I had a very difficult time getting into a NICU in a NY city hospital, however, I do believe that it makes a difference where you plan on applying for a position. I went to nursing school in PA and did my senior seminar in a level III NICU there. I was offered a position there but I already had plans to move back home to NY, so I declined. I had to go on several interviews for the NICU and found that I was offered other positions in peds instead. Most of the NICU positions I applied for went to nurses with experience or someone in house. I insisted on getting into the NICU and even though at times I thought it would be easier to just take a position in peds, I decided to wait it out and hope for the best. Finally, after a few months, I was offered a position in a hospital that was my first choice. I am glad that I held off on taking other positions because now that I waited, I got what I really wanted. I don't think it would be as difficult if you plan on working outside of NY, but if I were you, make sure that you take your senior practicum in a Level III (most acute) NICU. Your senior practicum is a series of clinical time that you will take at the end of your senior year in nursing school. I also worked as a tech in peds while in nursing school and that definitely gave me valuable experience as well. Good luck!
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    I'm from NY too. Do you mind sharing where you work?