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Hi! So i'm a high school junior and it's time for me to start looking at colleges and know what I want to do. Ultimately, I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner. So I've been trying to research... Read More

  1. by   valx92
    I understand why it would be worrying that I wrote that I want to be an NNP! ...what do they do? But that isn't exactly how I meant it. I knew a general of what an NNP does, but I was looking for more of a day in the life of kind thing. I did find a thread on that, and I am sure that I want to be in the NICU, but now I'm not so sure about taking the NP route. It might be enough for me to be an RN. I do understand your concern that it might be better for me to be a physicians assisstant, and I do know one (not one in the NICU, but still a PA) so I might talk to her about whether she thinks it's the right choice for me, because she knows me better than any of you. I'm not trying to say that any of you are wrong, I'm just saying she'll know better what's right for me. I am glad for all the of the different points of view and this conversation is really interesting; so if you have more to say on the subject, by all means go ahead.
  2. by   astn
    Quote from valx92
    <snip>I am sure that I want to be in the NICU, but now I'm not so sure about taking the NP route. <snip>
    It can be hard trying to "see" what the NICU is about, because they are pretty security conscious. I don't know if you would be permitted to "shadow" or volunteer on one--I doubt it, but someone else may be able to answer that better. You could always ask, explain why you want to, and the worst they could do is say no.

    If you aren't sure you want to go into advanced practice, then I agree completely with the traditional point of view. Go get your BSN, get a job in the NICU, see if you want to go further. Many don't: Being a NICU nurse is usually challenging, generally satisfying, and usually well paid, especially after a few years for you to get your bones. And if you do, there is a pathway to do so, so for someone who is unsure of how far they want to go, it is the best of both worlds.
  3. by   babyNP.
    We have volunteers in our NICU frequently. They hold the more stable kiddos that just need some comfort largely because of their chronic issues. I'd suggest contacting your local NICU and asking if you can volunteer in there.
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  4. by   littleneoRN
    We have volunteers and allow shadows.
  5. by   astn
    I stand corrected. Who says I never admit when I'm wrong.
  6. by   RNburnout
    It is very well possible for PAs to gain experience within the NICU and be competitive with NNPs. The University of Kentucky has a NICU post-graduate residency program specifically designed for Physician Assistants. This residency can be obtained directly out of school and you receive a stipend and benefits. The length of the program is 12mths and they have a level III, 50-bed unit...just a saying
  7. by   sophie<3
    I wanted to be a volunteer in a NICU and so I sent e-mails out to the volunteer directors at local hospitals..I got responses too! The one I chose said that they have volunteer opportunities in Mother/Baby and could focus me in on the NICU. I am a college student..I am in nursing school and I have been saying for years that NICU is where I want to be but I still think volunteering is important! I believe that reading, hearing, and imagining what the NICU is like is one thing and actually taking care of those sick babies is another. It is not for everyone and may not be for me..for all I know I could hate it! You MUST MUST MUST expose yourself to the hands on before you make your decision. I think the OP should consider volunteering (some hospitals even allow "cuddlers") and then seeing if nursing and the NICU is really something you want to do..I know that when I was 17 I thought I wanted to be a Physical Therapist...changed my mind 3 or 4 times before picking nursing! Soooo you never know good luck!
  8. by   katie2015
    I am a Freshman at ASU, and I am in the Healthy Life Styles Coaching Major and I really want to get into the BSN program come my Junior Year. The problem is theres only 60 seats :/// Is there any advice someone could give me on how to stand out to get chosen besides having a 3.8 or 4.0 GPA..I really want to be a Neonatal NP. That's my dream job. I'm currently writing a paper on it right now and doing research. Can anyone help?