Hey May 06 grads..any of you seeking NICU?

  1. Hello all,
    I just thought it might be intersting to see if there are any other 05/06 grads out there who plan to start out in the NICU? I thought it might be fun to keep in touch and talk about looking for jobs, how our interviews go and what kind of orientation the different units offer. What do you guys think? Any takers...:spin:
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  3. by   rn2binca
    I am! I cannot wait. I work as a student nurse extern in a teaching hospital now (in the nicu) and am praying there will be a position available for me in May.

  4. by   Tiny1Nisolet
    Nice to meet you Tracy! I think it is fun to share our excitement.:hatparty:
    I can not wait for this semester to be over. We just put our choices in order for precepting in the Spring. My first choice is, of course, NICU. I am praying that I get placed there. I think the wait is almost as bad as getting accepted to nursing school.
  5. by   SteveNNP
    Hey, I am a relatively "new" grad, [started my 1st RN job in a LIII NICU in June] and would love to answer any questions you have about landing a job in NICU, orientations, etc..........
  6. by   Tiny1Nisolet
    Well lets see..where to start..
    What is the best way to get a face with the application? Did you go with HR or shadow and day and make sure to meet the Nurse manager? Now, this will all depend on where I get sent for my precepting. I put NICU as 1 and I have taken the critical care courses to help out with the ICU placement, however, this will not guarantee that is where I will go! I am really praying.

    What are some of the specific things that you looked for in the orientation period. How about on the unit itself? Things you really like/dislike/what to look for.

    When should I start applying? Our hospitals do allow GN status so I will probably be ready to work by May at the latest, possibly sooner depending on how my clinical hours go in the Spring. There is a possibility that I can finish before Spring break.

    I guess that is all for now. I am sure there is tons more so feel free to add your 2 cents! I will read whatever hints you would like to pass along.
  7. by   SteveNNP
    What is the best way to get a face with the application?
    Did you go with HR or shadow and day and make sure to meet the Nurse manager?

    I spent 5 8-hour days during my last semester of school doing part of my practicum in a NICU. I made sure to at least look competent, and make friends with the staff. [My unit doesn't typically hire new grads] I found a vacant night shift position, applied for it, and asked the NM while I was there if I could interview for it. By then most of the staff had met me, and knew I was interviewing. They told me later that they had put in a good word for me with the NM. At the end of the interview, the NM said she would hire me, so I waited to take my boards, knowing I had a job. So I was all set even before I graduated. [this was the beginning of April, I graduated in MAy] Just make sure you come across as someone they want to hire and work with. NICU's are very busy with a high acuity level. They don't want someone whose hand they'll have to hold for a long time. Be confident, and ask to do things, and offer to help anyone who looks like they need it.

    What are some of the specific things that you looked for in the orientation period.

    - I looked for length [I only got 6weeks] and choice in preceptors. You'll want an older and more experienced nurse to orient you. They usually will have got it down pat, and have a good teaching attitude. You don't want someone who is going to let you do all the grunt work while she sits at the desk, but one who is there with you, familiarizing you with all the inner workings of the NICU.

    How about on the unit itself? Things you really like/dislike/what to look for.
    - Equipment...is it modern, clean, conducive to infection control, or is it old and probably contaminated with germs?
    - Staffing...Are there enough RN's on staff? while no unit is usually fully staffed, you shouldn't be pulled from orientation to take a full assignment more than once.
    - Is the staff content, or on edge and infighting?
    - Strong management that advocates for their nurses?
    - MD's that teach
    - Will they let you learn on intensive babies, or will they only give you feeder growers. [ I request intensives all the time. I just prefer it, and learn more]
    - Is it an open unit, or hve individual rooms [open unit is what I prefer. Easier to hear alarms, monitor pts.
    - Do the RN's get to go on deliveries?
    - Pt/Staff ratio [I get either 2 intensives or 3 mixed intensive/intermediate/Cont.care babies]

    When should I start applying?
    While doing your practicum. Ask the staff, NM if a position is open, and if you can apply for it and be interviewed. Definitely try to have it nailed down before you graduate. No earlier than March if your are graduating in MAy. Usually units need RN's sooner rather than later.

    Hope this helps!
  8. by   lccougar02
    Hey everyone! I am graduating in May of 06 and I cannot wait! I also want to go into NICU! I am hating my geriatrics rotation right now, I want to go do OB...I did my peds rotation and had a blast! Its nice to meet all of you!
  9. by   Tiny1Nisolet
    Thanks so much for your input. I will definately keep you posted! I am so excited. I can finally see the end of the rainbow! Please keep posting. All of us (students) live vicariously through you guys. That's one thing that gets us through.:chuckle
    I love it when you guys give us newbies tips on how to organize and do things more efficiently. I can not wait to implement these things into my own practice. I have already implemented some of the organizational skills.
    best wishes!

    Also, lccougar nice to meet you. I am beginning my older adult rotation. Six more weeks until the end of the semester. We are getting close! Lets all keep in touch over the next few months!
  10. by   Manda049
    What about Dec 05 grads! =) I graduate at the beginning of December and hope to get an internship in the NICU. What type of things do yall think would make a person stand out in an interview for the NICU compared to others since it is a very competitive and popular field? Also, what are some good questions to ask about the unit when being interviewd?

  11. by   INFJ
    Hey guys!!!

    I'm with you!! I graduate in May 06 and I'm hoping for NICU or L&D. It will be a couple of months before I find out where I will get to precept, I REALLY hope that it is one of the above and NOT the crappy cardiac unit AGAIN!!!!!

    Let's keep each other pumped up! Not too much longer!!!

  12. by   vegnurse21
    Hey everyone! I'm a little later than yall...I'm graduating July of 06. Not too much longer guys, we're almost there!

    Anyways, I plan to go straight into NICU out of school. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can start working in the Level III NICU near where I go to school now. Last week I observed as part of my OB clinical rotation and absolutely loved the environment of this hospital. I shadowed some really great nurses that had a lot to teach me and really wanted me to learn. It was truly awesome. It made me so pumped to work there!

    I think this thread would be great to keep in touch with each other and see what works out for us all! I'd love to know how everyone does!

    Good luck to the December 05 grads!
  13. by   Tiny1Nisolet
    Nice to meet you guys! I have senioritis bad! We are so close. I can not wait. The big thing right now is waiting to find out our placements for precepting. I am nervous about that. I am so hoping for nicu!
  14. by   student nurse amy
    Hi All,
    This is a great idea! I am graduating in May and i really hope to work in the nicu, possibly here in Phila. at the children's hosp. I start my OB rotation next weekend and i am so excited!

    Good luck to everyone!