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Just curious what everyone did out there, for feeding their babes gavage feeds. The hospital I'm at now is very different than the one I came from in Canada. Do you guys use OGs, or NGs? And, when... Read More

  1. by   Heather333
    We never feed the babies at the same time. They are all at least 30 minutes apart. We sit at the bedside w/ each feeding and don't hang them. We use 5F on micro preemies and change Q3 days. Others we use a 6F OG or NG and change Q3 days. If on NCPAP, most get an 8F OG open to air between feedings. If we use a silastic, it gets change Q30 days. I have noticed that those tubes tend to get clogged up after a while. If we have a baby that tends to pull out OG/NG tubes, we use Snuggle-Up's in our unit. We usually just swaddle them so they can get their littles hands to the tube.