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  1. Yesterday I had my interview and I was totally caught off guard because an interim nurse manager of the NICU and the actual nurse manager of the NICU both interviewed me yesterday. I was not expecting that. That interview was the hardest interview I had ever gone through in my whole entire life. Harder than the interviews on the medical floor and the surgical floor that I had last week. By the way I was offered both jobs on the medical and surgical floor that I interviewed on last week. I just have to make the final decision which one I want. Anyway back to topic at hand I was so nervous during the interview.

    They told me they would let me know one way or the other in about a week.

    I really want this but now I am not so sure I can take the job. The problem is the orientation is 12 weeks long and I don't know why I was thinking you can do it all on nights. There is 6 weeks of day orientation and 6 weeks of day orientation. My mom is planning on getting another job she is not sure of when yet she said she will probably wait until September and my dad he is working. I live with my parents for now. I have a 5 year old daughter and I can't do days. Because if my mom works then I won't have anyone to take her to school or pick her up. So my dream job will probably end up going out the window if I am offered the position in the NICU. My mom has been so great she has took my daughter to school and pick her up on days that I have clinicals like now with my capstone clinicals. I couldn't ask her to do it for 6 more weeks after I graduate it is totally unfair to her and not right. Maybe this is a sign that working in the NICU is not for me for the time being. I really want to be there but maybe the way the orientation is set up is the sign that I should go somewhere else. I am not sure though.

    With the medical unit the nurse manager told me that all my orientation can be done on nights and with the surgical unit the nurse manager told me I would only have to worry about 1-2 weeks of days.

    Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement!!!
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  3. by   Anaclaire
    I wish I had an answer for you concerning what to do... Many times in life the things we need come rather easily... fall in our laps so to speak... and the things we try to force to fit end up being sooo not worth it. You'll have to search your heart about this one. I wish you peace with whatever decision you make.

    With that said, I have to questions:

    Are you saying that on the Medical and Surgical floors you would not have to do any day shift orientation?

    What about your NICU interview was so difficult compared to other interviews you've had? Was it because two people interviewed you unexpectedly or was it more because of the questions they asked?

    Just curious~~

    Wishing you all the best!!!

  4. by   peaceful2100
    With the 2 medical-surgical floors. One is primarily a medical floor and she said that she don't see why nurses have to do day orientation if they are wanting to work nights so she don't have night nurses do a day orientation even if they are a new grad. With the post surgical care floor the manager said she has new nurses do 1-2 weeks of day orientation and just because so we can become more familiar with the doctors.

    The NICU interview was a LOT more difficult because of all the questions they asked me. I was there for an hour answering questions for the whole hour and then it was my turn to ask questions. With the Med-Surg interviews I was hardly asked any questions.

    I really believe it is because NICU is a real hot spot for people wanting to work there and so they need to take their time with screening applicants and ask a whole lot more questions so they can try to figure out what kind of person the applicant is.

    Sometimes no matter how much you want something in life I guess sometimes things are simply just not meant to be. So with that said I am going to take one of the jobs on the med-surg floors.
  5. by   Anaclaire
    Thanks for your reply Tonya.

    It sounds like you are making a very good decision for yourself, and I'm certain you will be happy.

    Wishing you a wonderful nursing career!!!