Foley catheter insertion in neonates

  1. Has anyone heard of using sterile normal saline instead of betadine to cleanse the perineum before foley insertion in neonates?
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  3. by   NICU_babyRN
    no!! Betadine! But after foley is inserted, we use sterile saline pads to wipe of as much of the betadine as possible.
  4. by   dawnebeth
    We never, ever use betadine on any of our babies, particularly the preemies because they have such thin skin that the iodine can be absorbed and affect the thyroid. For all skin washing we use two percent hibiclense and then wipe the soap off with saline wipes. In the case of catheter insertion, I get three 2x2s and pour a little soap on each one, wiping each sterilely on the penis or labia area and then rinse it off with sterile saline and then insert the catheter.

    We don't use alcohol wipes on the skin either, just on IV ports and lines.
  5. by   ittybabyRN
    interesting, we use betadine on all neonates under 32 weeks gestation or under 30 days old (so a 5 wk old 23 weeker could have chloraprep, but a 2 day old 31 weeker would get betadine) that being as in scrubbing for an IV or cap stick, always betadine for foley insertion, we wash it off after with sterile saline wipes
  6. by   dawnebeth
    We never use betadine for anything--I've worked in out unit for over 20 years and it's always been that way. We have a nurse practitioner who is a preemie skin specialist and she has set many skin protocals.

    I also realize, I mentioned the wrong soap above--we use ywo percent chlorhexadine on the babies for sterile washing like a foley insertion, then wash it off with saline wipes. For IV insertions, the same thing. No alcohol, no betadine.

    The surgeons do use betadine and we are encouraged to wash it off asap when the babies come back from surgery.