First weekend of NICU Preceptor done!

  1. This weekend was my first weekend in the NICU preceptorship. I'm a senior nursing student and was very blessed to have gotten my first choice, NICU. It means a lot to me b/c my son was there. Granted he was not a sick baby per se but a low blood sugar baby b/c I'm a diabetic. So it still has a personal place in my heart.

    Anyway, of course right off the bat there is not a lot of hands on for me b/c in school sadly we do not get a lot of critical care experience. So I did observation mostly and then did some hands on assessment with a feed/grow baby today.

    I am very excited. I will say I feel very overwhelmed with the data sometimes...I guess b/c I know a little thing for an adult is a MAJOR thing for a baby. So I am thankful that so far every question I've asked has been answered wonderfully. It seems everyone is very knowledgable. So I'm excited!

    If you have suggestions to help make it better let me know. I am working on being more assertive but it has always been a hard thing for me. Not with patients, but with professionals i.e. asking a nurse to let me do such and such. But I think this semester will cure me of that LOL b/c my curiosity and desire to learn more about the babies is driving me.

    Thanks for having this forum and posting, it really helps me out!
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