Columbus Ohio Nicu RN's??

  1. I am looking for some advice from any columbus NICU nurses....I am a traveler who wants to travel to Columbus before taking a staff position there I NEVER see travel positions posted for NICU in Columbus. Does anyone know if their hospital takes travelers in the NICU and if so through which company.

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  3. by   LilPeanut
    I'm not an RN yet (4 more months!) but I work at the Children's NICU and have had clinical at Riverside's NICU (as well as two graduates )

    I have never seen a traveller at Children's NICU as an RN. I know we have a few traveller RTs in the NICU, but never an RN. I think because the orientation period is so long, they don't want to invest the time in travellers? Or the fact that there are always people who want the positions and want to stay in them? (at least that's their intention)

    We use the float team heavily when we're understaffed, or pull from PICU.

    Riverside, I've also never seen travellers, they have a very strong contingent staff base to pull from when they need extra staff. But it's another highly desireable hospital to work at, and I doubt they have any shortage of applicants when they are looking for new staff.

    We also have a LOT of very good nursing schools in the area that are constantly churning out new nurses.
  4. by   BabyNurse513
    None of the NICU's in Columbus take travelers. I was in your position a year and half ago. I personally called and spoke with the managers and none were interested in taking travelers so I ended up taking a staff position. If you would like info about Cols. NICU's, feel free to PM me.