Best NICU textbooks, educational sources

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    I am a new grad starting in a level 3 NICU. I would like to purchase at least one good textbook as a reference guide.

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    The American Academy of Pediatrics puts out PCEP books that are excellent. "The Perinatal Continuing Education Program (PCEP) is 6 months long and recommended renewal every 3-4 years. It is a great reference material and guidelines to follow. The PCEP books are great to have in your library or better yet, close by. This program is offered and brought to you out of Oklahoma City, OK (Oklahoma Health Sciences Center), 405-271-7777. This program covers Maternal, Fetal, Newborn, etc.. It would a benefit to just purchase a set of books and review the contents with co-workers and your physicians."

    Book 1: Pcep Maternal and Fetal Evaluation and Immediate Newborn Care Book I 1 1581106572 | eBay

    Book 2: Pcep Maternal and Fetal Care Book II 2012 Paperback 1581106580 | eBay

    Book 3: Pcep Neonatal Care Book III 2012 Paperback 1581106599 | eBay

    Book 4: Pcep Specialized Newborn Care Book IV 2012 Paperback 1581106602 | eBay