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Hi, I am hoping to enter nursing school in the fall. I have been reading a book called "BABY ER : The Heroic Doctors and Nurses Who Perform Medicine's Tiniest Miracles" by Edward Humes (Author). It... Read More

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    and Mt. Sinai is one of the city's 3 level III NICUs. So, he may have been born at St. Mike's (if his mom was too far along in labour to transfer), but if so, he would have been transferred immediately after birth because he's so premature. Mt. Sinai tends to get the smallest premies - but if he needs bowel surgery, he'll be transferred to Sick Kids, which is right across the street from Mt. Sinai.

    As for the blood in his stool, that's a classic sign of NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) - an intestinal problem which is most common in young premies. They probably have him NPO and on antibiotics, and are watching his abdominal X-rays and to see if his girth is increasing. If he does have NEC, sometimes the conservative management (NPO and antibiotics) is enough to give the bowel a chance to heal, and sometimes part of the intestine is necrotic and must be removed surgically.

    I hope this helps. FWIW, I'm a new grad nurse, just starting in a level II in Toronto (not in one of the hospitals you mentioned).

    Yes, it does. I want to get up next month to see him.

    He has been on a course of antibiotics and they are watching his weight closely. I didn't link his condition with a bowel obstruction, but I can see that that may be the reason.

    Thanks for your help.