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  1. Hi everyone, I have been an adult ICU nurse now for 3 years and started in this position as a new graduate. I have recently been wanting to make a move and explore other specialties / learn new things. I have always had a HUGE interest in Labor & Delivery / Women's health but am finding it impossible to get a position (that doesn't have me committing to nights for 2 years in the worst staffing conditions). That being said I was offered an interview through a Nurse Manager I know for a NICU position, full time days. The nurse manager has told me she currently doesn't have anything open for L & D but asked if I would be interested in this position. Of course I said yes, however I have never even thought of becoming a NICU nurse. I have a son of my own so am not unfamiliar to babies. This offer has truly started to peak my interest about the specialty area. I have done some research on what the position entails, asked around to other NICU nurses and everyone seems very happy. I wanted to see if anyone could offer some advice on how I could further educate myself/prepare myself for this interview? What are the current pressing issues within the NICU areas? Are there any other courses/certifications I could take to further myself and be better prepared for the position? I am nervous but excited to learn something new. How do you all feel about your NICU positions and are you happy??
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  3. by   babyNP.
    Hi there, welcome to the NICU forum. Your questions have been asked many times before, and even in the last month we had some posters from former adult ICU nurses. I would make liberal use of the search function.

    The biggest thing I would say from what I've read (having only ever worked in the NICU and nowhere else) is that you will need to go in expecting to feel like a new grad and not knowing instinctively what to do. This can be very hard on experienced nurses who are otherwise quite capable in other units.

    Best of luck, be sure to tell us how it goes.