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Hi all,

Do you guys feel it would be tough for a new grad to start in NICU? I've only spent one day in a NICU and have no experience with it. Would you recommend new grads going into this floor straight? What is it like? I've heard and clearly could understand that it's very different than bedside care of course.

Please give me your opinions.


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NICU is still bedside care.

I went straight into NICU and I love it, but I also did an internship in it. You do sorta pigeon hole yourself and it's harder to go to the adult side if you don't like it. See if you can shadow a nurse in a NICU for a day or something. I wouldn't go into anything without knowing much about it.

Hello NeoNurseTX,

Are you still a Nicu Nurse? I did some shadowing with an interview in the nicu and I loved it! They called me today and said they are doing background check and references for me.. I hope I get it :)

I was going to ask you, is there anytype of books that I can buy online that can help me get preprepared before starting this nicu job? I like to be fully prepared, lol, I am silly, but it makes me have less anxiety if I know before hand what I do need to know :)!

Thanks! God bless!


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