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NICU new grad mistakes


Hi, new grad here. It has been one month off orientation. I am devastated to say I have made 2 mistakes. The first one was related to an IV order that was ordered wrong by the resident and I was told I didn't have enough experience to catch. The patient was totally fine. The second one was with a discharge. It was a crazy shift. I forgot to complete the final newborn screen. It was brought to my attention the next day. I am freaking out. I have done many discharges and have always remembered to do it for some reason this time it must have slipped my mind. I think because during report me and the night shift nurse looked everything over and she said everything was there so subconsciously when I was looking everything over again and again it didn't dawn on me that it was missing. I was notified by e-mail that it was missing but now what happens? I am a complete mess. Has this ever happened to anyone?


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Every person you work with, regardless of their experience, makes stupid mistakes (except for me, I'm perfect 😛😎). You learn from your mistakes. No nurse has gotten through their first year without mistakes, we are human. Don't sweat it, you will be fine.

Thank you, I appreciate your answer. I know that mistakes happen its just scary. I love my job and wouldn't wanna jeopardize it. I feel terrible and I don't know what happens next.