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NICU interview

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me the most common patient diagnoses occurring in the NICU setting. I was going to freshen up on my NICU knowledge before the interview, and I figured that the most common diagnoses would be a good place to start. Also, what are some commonly prescribed meds in this setting? I would like to freshen up on my pharm as well. Also, what are some advanced nursing procedures used in this setting?


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Some common diagnosis that I saw while doing an internship in the NICU when I was in school was Sepsis, Anemia, Apnea, Bradycardia, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Intraventricular Hemorrhage, Jaundice, NEC, PDA, (and more, but then the list will go on and on). For meds just think of respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, what you'd use for codes, antibiotics, pain, diuretics, steroids etc. You can also quickly look up your questions on google and find the answers easily. :) Good luck on your interview!!

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Thank you. I figured jaundice, apnea, and brady would be up there. I'm really nervous about my interview!!


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Take a deep breath and relax. The best thing is to just be yourself. I was nervous too when it was my turn to go into the interview room last week (for my dream job - labor and delivery), but as soon as I went in I totally relaxed and everything went super (considering I was hired and start on Monday)!!! You can do it, just believe in yourself! Good luck. :)

hello. i joined just to leave a response to one of your old threads, which seems to be closed. it was a question about a patient with severe lupus, who was on AZT. you wanted to know why she would be on that drug. autoimmune diseases are thought to be caused by activation of HERV (human endogenous retroviruses) so it is possible that, because the patient was so ill and likely desperate, a doctor agreed to try her on a broad-spectrum antiretroviral.



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