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NHCC MANE program



I was admitted to NHCC's MANE program for the fall 2015 cohort. I'm wondering how it is, and if there are significant differences between community colleges associated with the program. I can apply to Normandale and Inver Hills for the spring semester but since I'm already accepted to NHCC it would mean I would be risking not getting in anywhere. Would there be any reason to do that? Normandale is a little closer to my house but only by about 10 minutes on the highway.

My TEAS score was an 86 but my GPA is around a 3.2 but it should be higher after this semester.

Hi HarperEvan! Congrats on getting into NHCC! I applied to North Hennepin and Normandale for Fall 2015...got into the day program at NHCC and got put on the "reconsider" list (I think that's the same thing as an alternate list..?) at Normandale. My GPA was 3.3 and TEAS score was 87.3....so you and I are around the same composite score. Obviously, each pool of applicants is different as far as competitiveness, but my guess is you'd have a good chance of getting on the "reconsider" list at Normandale as well (at the least!). Not sure if you're willing to risk it!

I'll let you know if I get in at Normandale and I'll see how many people were on the list...and also how many on that list got moved up to a full acceptance!

I'm torn on which school to go to (assuming I get into Normandale that is), I don't know much about the NHCC program other than their brand new Bioscience building.

Good luck on your decision!

Cool! Maybe we will be in the same entering class if you end up at nhcc. Let me know what you end up doing and how many people go from being on the reconsider list to being accepted.

Hey just thought I'd update you! I just got a call from Normandale letting me know space opened up and that I have been moved from the reconsider list to fully accepted! She didn't say how many were on the list and they never told me what number I was on it, sorry :/ But, knowing that you and I had similar composite scores, hopefully that helps somewhat in your decision making! I'm sure both schools are great though!

Good luck with whatever path you choose!

Hi, I'm currently on a reconsideration list for fall 2015 mane program with metro, not a cc. I know that metro sends students to a cc to do all lower division courses first. Has anyone else applied directly to the LVN-BSN program at metro, were "wait listed" and got in? waiting is driving me crazy!